Barcoded began in Buenos Aires,
Argentina March 2009 and ended
in Los Angeles, May 2009. It is if anything
a collection of love poems designed to be
packaged, scanned, and delivered
from my heart to yours.


Fall in Love

so hard
I see stars and forget I came from Mars
so hard
I have to hold my brain inside my skull with my hand
So hard
My heart becomes a harp with broken strings
strummed shard chords from
the sound track ingredients of pure art.
(so hard)
I start to walk in circles
Shocked to life by the light sparks,
bruising my entire conception
in the face of your reflection
selling sand grains to movie stars
waiting in the limelight as I rhyme right up
to the last moment your lips kiss mine into silence

Sign language slipping subliminal syringes
into the witnessed listening
like your life depended on it poetry

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1. If I Could I Would

2. Fall In Love

3. I write so I don’t die tonight

4. Unpublication

5. Besame

6. Across Continents and Centuries

7. Incomplete Circles

8. Sabrina

9. Line By Line

10. Expinationless

11. Look Inside

12. Why Write or Speak

13. REM Textmessaging

14. Dream Letter to Future Wife

15. Writing while dancing

16. Old Wine and Young Love

17. Really

18. Non Fiction in Oregon

19. Heart Throb God Dub

20. Culture overrides genetics

21. There’s only one relationship

22. What if it was Easy

23. Roadtrip

24. Gang Raped by God

25. Consistently Deepening

25. Venus in Retrograde

26. True Muse

27. Beach Walk Sonnet

28. Use Me

29. April 14th

30. Easter

31. Andalysis

32. Without a Choice

33. Beyond Description

34. Past Midnight

35. Poetless

36. 15 Minutes

37. Omnitelligence

38. These Words Are

39. Oxytocin

40. Expectationless

41. Part 3


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