Johnathan Human left home at the age of 16 and began traveling the world. The education he received prompted him to launch the non profit Project Empathy which seeks to spread empathy through the human system. After completing an initiation in Peru Johnathan adopted the last name Human to remind himself of what he had learned and to embody the essential heart of humanity. He has written and recorded various collections of poetry and has performed for over 10 years all over the world for large and small audiences.

He is a leader in a Native American Church and has worked deeply with various ceremonial traditions including the Institute of Indigenous Arts.

He is founder of Evolve Culture a Media Company and manages Android Jones the visionary artist.

He is involved in international sustainable communal development projects.

He has worked in finance and real estate.

He worked for 5 years in the Health and Wellness industry practicing and teaching yoga, meditation, massage, qi gong, and running spa programs for different companies.

Currently based in Maui and LA he travels non stop.

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